Global game developers shared their views on the major innovations Xbox Series X, allowing not only to reveal the potential of the console itself, but also to improve the user experience by offering improved products.

 These have become known thanks to the comments of companies for Windows Central.

 According to Jason Ronald, head of the department of management software development company, the main advantage of the console will be increased productivity of input and output. He also added that the bandwidth of the optical and hard drives are already used as much as possible, and the power of video cards, even though the improvements do not allow developers to realize the full potential.

 New Xbox Series X – an opportunity for game developers, in addition to using the standard benefits of the SSD, access to NVME controller. The latter is the key to faster IO.

 Xbox Series X: Game may be more detailed, and their loading is significantly accelerated.

 Mike Rayner, representative of The Coalition, supported his colleague and added that thanks to the innovations mentioned above, developers can create a three-dimensional texture, which previously could not be used due to the limited memory.

 Experts also point out that the changes will help relieve the CPU. Thus, developers will be at the disposal of the resources that can be directed to other purposes.

 Rebellion representative Kevin Floyer-Lea noted several innovations that have pleased him personally. First, talking about hardware support ray tracing. The latter, according to experts, will improve not only the sound design of games, but will also provide the ability to create realistic lighting. This, in turn, is most important for stealth-action games such as Sniper Elite. The game is in development Rebellion.

 Note that the console had to get off at the end of this year. Analysts believe that the pandemic and quarantine will not affect the release date.

 Note that crisis conditions have contributed to the transfer of the release of Death Stranding, the details – here.

 Recall that the announcement of PS5 is contained in our separate article.

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